Learn languages, stay fit and travel the world with us.

Get Tandem combines language exchange with your hobbies so that you can find language tandem, sport partner or a travel buddy at one place.

Language tandem

Language tandem is a form of language exchange in which two or more people meet each other in order to improve their language skills by teaching their mother tongue and learning a foreign language from a native speaker.

This is a great addition to traditional language classes and moreover an opportunity to find a partner for your other favourite activities too. And that's actually exactly what we do here. We pair these two things together in one interface.

Sport partner or a sous-chef de cuisine?

A quiet tea room or a coffee shop are great places to start the tandem conversation. But there is always more you can do.

Learn what galoppieren stands for during horse riding, about pintxos at Basque bar and how to call that racket in Spanish at badminton match.

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