Terms of service, policies and privacy

By signing up to and using Get Tandem you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Terms of use


You need to be at least 15 years old to create an account and provide a working email address.

You must not use Get Tandem for any activities made illegal in the European Union.

You do not have the right to collect or process information about other users for reasons other than finding people for your tandems.

Interacting with others

Get Tandem does not provide identity verification of its members and even more so encourages some level of anonymity to a degree for privacy and security reasons.

Therefore you acknowledge that Get Tandem is only a platform for finding suitable tandem partners and interacting with others is your sole responsibility.


There are no guarantees regarding the Get Tandem service.

Get Tandem can discontinue the service at any time and is not responsible for any data lost.


Get Tandem reserves the right to delete or deactive your account if you break the law or these terms.

Privacy policy

Account cancelation

You have the right to cancel your account at any time. All information shared with Get Tandem will be deleted when the account is cancelled. To cancel an account a request needs to be sent to support@gettandem.com.

Personal data

The following data are being collected by Get Tandem about the users:

  • login, name and email for accessing the account
  • IP address of the very last and current login
  • time of very last and current login
  • time of the last request
  • phone number and address as part of user profile
  • user photo as part of the user profile
  • messages sent to other users

User data are stored in Germany.

None of the personal user data is shared with any third party.

All of the personal user data is removed from the database when the account is deleted.

None of the information exlicitly or implicitly shared with Get Tandem is going to be made public or available directly to the third parties. The only exception is the thumbnail of the profile picture which might be used for marketing purposes in public part of Get Tandem.


Cookies are being used for authentication. They are required for logging in and using Get Tandem. They are not used for anything else.

Latest change: July, 6th 2018